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ICCS offers custom-designed workshops to give people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to improve quality of life and achieve whatever your goal may be. ICCS will gladly make housecalls for these workshops and work with you to provide the kind of learning environment you want to achieve. We encourage appetizers and beverages, fun, and creativity! We love nothing more than to design a workshop for your needs- so if you have an idea you don’t see listed here, give us a call and let’s collaborate!


Workshops we offer include:


Pleasure Principles:

This fun workshop is designed to teach about sex and skills to increase pleasure. Think of it positive sex education for adults! This workshop can be offered for couples, a ladies night, mom’s night out, or whatever you choose. We encourage creativity and fun.


Tackling “The Talk:” How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex and Relationships:

This empowering and confidence-building workshop teaches parents about how to offer accurate, age-appropriate sex education to children. Talking about sex with your children is critically important, but most of us don’t have good examples to follow and are never taught how to have these conversations. We cover what parents should teach, but more importantly, HOW to teach it in a series of conversations over the course of your children’s development. If you are uncomfortable having “the talk,” this workshop is for you!


Sexuality and COPD:

Tips and Tricks to Breathe with Pleasure: Living with a chronic illness can add extra challenges to enjoyment of sexual pleasure, but it can and should be done! Learn about how to adapt your sexual thinking and behavior to living with COPD to enjoy intimacy throughout the lifespan. Note: this workshop can be adapted to any number of chronic health or disability issues.


Unleashing your Sensual Self:

Through teaching, movement, and group discussion, this workshop will help you to break down barriers to feeling comfortable with your body, which often leads to improved self-esteem, intimacy, and pleasure. Learn to take ownership of your sexual sensual self, build better boundaries, and increase intimacy in relationships. This workshop is geared towards all ages, body sizes, and disabilities. No dance experience necessary and there will be no nudity.